Electric Motor Bikes & Electric Bikes

The latest 2018 technology releases from the Most Advanced & Highest Quality Manufactures World Wide of On & Off Road Electric Transport Vehicles.

No kick starter, No carby problems, No chain & sprockets
No exhaust burns, No time restrictions when to ride
No spark plug, No hard to start engines, No fuel, No servicing costs
No gear box problems, No oil, No leaks, No changing gears, No clutch
No warming up, No fumes, No shouting "it won't start", No petrol motor &
No running costs & No engine noise complaints from neighbours, councils or police.

100% electric powered bikes, can handle the weight of a full sized adult & electric motor bikes that can be ridden day or night without annoying anyone!



Where possible we do our very best to provide the most up to date certification certificates for Licensing, Registration & Insurance purposes.

Most of our Electric Transport Vehicles where specified are road registerable however we do recommend that a check with your local authorities prior to purchase is advisable.

Please ask us for any certificates you need for verification purposes and we will do our very best to email you by return.   

PLEASE USE THIS LINK TO EMAIL US Factory Price Customer Service Team 

Our Electric Vehicles are generally made to order, please advise any special requirements at the time of ordering.

To avoid any disappointment please confirm delivery details when ordering using this link Factory Price Customer Service Team